Gazela departs for Baltimore

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Gazela departed Penn’s Landing shortly after 10 a.m. for the Star-Spangled 200 in Baltimore. We expect to anchor at the mouth of the Sassafras River tonight for arrival in Baltimore tomorrow. Photo shows sails up on the Delaware River.

Baltimore update: Gazela at the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner

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baltimore_tripFrom Lisa via the Guild Newsletter:

Gazela will be taking a trip to Baltimore in September as part of the Star-Spangled Spectacular, a huge, multi-day celebration to mark the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. Gazela is going to be playing an important role in this event, as she will be serving as the backdrop/centerpiece of this event, so from now until early September we will be working hard to get her ready for her appearance in Baltimore, and we will need as many hands as we can get to help out with this, even those who do not intend to sail.

Right now the dates that we are working with are the 8th -18th of September; the ship would be leaving on the 9th, arriving on the 10th, staying in Baltimore until at least the morning of the 16th, and arriving back in Philadelphia on the 17th or 18th. Even though the ship is not projected to leave until the 9th, all crew who are sailing on the trip down will need to be on the ship on the evening the 8th to help ensure that both the ship and her crew are ready to get underway.

Gazela 43 annual fundraiser at the Seaport Museum

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Gazela "43"
Please join us for Gazela 43 on July 8 at 6 p.m. at the Independence Seaport Museum! There will be wine, beer and light fare. We will also offer guided tours of Gazela, a silent auction and live music by Boxwood.

Check out photos and video from last year’s fun to see what the evening is all about. Tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets for $35 each, or $60 for 2 tickets, plus service fee.

Front Row Seats for Concert & Fireworks at Penn’s Landing

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Fireworks onboard Gazela Primeiro at Penn's Landing
Fireworks onboard Gazela Primeiro at Penn’s Landing

Avoid the crowds and enjoy front row seats and a great view of the River from the decks of Tall Ship Gazela on July 5th at 7 p.m.

The fireworks will be launched from a barge in the middle of the Delaware River, just a few hundred yards from Gazela’s deck. You will be able to hear the synchronized soundtracks for the fireworks from speakers on the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing.

You may bring your own refreshments and will have full use of the private and clean heads (that’s boat talk for bathroom!) onboard.

Proceeds benefit the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. Advance tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets for $20 each, $15 for members, plus service fee.

Upcoming Events: Spring/Summer 2014

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We have been invited to participate in the 200th Anniversary of the writing of our National Anthem in Baltimore, taking place Sept. 6-16, 2014. Photo: Visit Baltimore
We have been invited to participate in the 200th Anniversary of the writing of our National Anthem in Baltimore, taking place Sept. 6-16, 2014.
Photo: Visit Baltimore

There has been a lot of work on both ships. A lot has been done on Jupiter to get her ready for some underway periods as well as the prep work on Gazela’s spars. Soon the cover will be coming off (April) and we will be getting ready for dockside events as well as a trip or two.

Details are being worked out but we have been invited to participate in the 200th Anniversary of the writing of our National Anthem in Baltimore. This is tentative until a contract is signed but information about the celebration is available on the Star-Spangled Spectacular website.

On March 15th there will be an open Maritime Committee meeting with a potluck to follow. More details will be forthcoming.

On April 29th an informational session on Gazela will be held at Chester County Night School at Stetson Middle School. The classroom session will be followed by a tour on the following Saturday, May 3. More information will be available soon.

As you all know Gazela also is known for fantastic dockside events. If you know anyone who is looking for a wonderful venue for a special event, please let them know we are available. Contact the office for more information.

Representing the Guild at the Woodworking Show

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Volunteers at the Woodworking Show in Somerset, NJ., Feb. 21-23
Volunteers at the Woodworking Show in Somerset, NJ., Feb. 21-23

Last weekend, February 21 to 23 a contingent of PSPG Volunteers staffed a booth at the Woodworking Show in Somerset, NJ. Thanks to Lisa Kolibabek for pursuing the idea and organizing the volunteers and Tony Souza for providing display materials.

Those who assisted during the weekend, answering questions about wooden boats sparking interest in the guild were: Howard Clemenko (booth arrangement), Don Little, Nat Bender, Andrew Adams, and Debbie Greenspan.

Jupiter escorts the USS Somerset

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You may have seen it on the news or read about it—Jupiter had the distinct honor of escorting the Navy’s newest ship, Somerset into Philadelphia for her commissioning at Penn’s Landing on March 1st. It was a great distinction and testament to the Jupiter Steering Committee who worked hard to get the ship ready for this event. Thanks to Mike Matulewicz and the JSC for making this happen.

Memorable Annual Dinner at the Corinthian Yacht Club

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Our annual dinner was held on January 31 at a great venue, The Corinthian Yacht Club in Essington. Those who attended were treated to a great time with good food, beverages, a silent auction, companionship and a great opportunity to mingle with shipmates dressed in their finest.

Marston Black-Simmons organized the event and provided another memorable evening. Eric Lorgus introduced the guest speaker, Capt. Jay Bolton who reminisced about the 1984 trip to Quebec City as a video of the trip played in the background. Another member of the crew during that trip was also present, Nick Horvath. Capt. Bolton told some great stories including transporting 3 crew members from the sunk vessel Marquis. He also relayed his response to a passing ship who’s master commented on Gazela’s beauty and grace with the answer “…of course, she is Portuguese.”

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the annual awards. Alice Krieg received the Gay Burgiel Award for Gazela Volunteer of the Year. Jack Little and his dad Dale Little received the Captain Jim Anderson Award for Jupiter Volunteers of the Year. Ann Preston was recognized for her tireless efforts in the office with a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

Mel Strieb was awarded a new award, named in honor of Bobby—the Bobby Fleming Administrator of the Year. Other volunteers received certificates for logging in hundreds of hours. Congratulations to these well deserving volunteers. Without folks like them and all the other volunteers the Guild would be unable to function.

An additional award, the William Wikoff Smith Award will be presented at “Gazela 43” on July 8th.

The evening ended with the conclusion of the silent auction where many of the prized articles were wool watch caps knitted by Danie Martin.

Upcoming Events

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jupiter_christmasAs previously announced there has been a great amount of work being performed on Jupiter and more scheduled. Here is a list of some of those events:

  • November 23 – decorating Jupiter
  • November 29 – Jupiter at the opening of the River Rink
  • December 14 – Santa Run, Delivery of Santa to the River Rink and the Lighted Boat Parade

Also mark your calendar for the Annual Meeting at 7 p.m. on December 3 at the museum. It is open to all members so please come.

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