Old City Seaport Festival

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A few pics of Gazela at the Old City Seaport Festival. Thanks Stephanie (pics 1, 2, 5 & 6) and Marston (pics 3 & 4). Also, check out Gazela, Jupiter and some of the other beautiful ships that came to visit, on the blog 70point8percent.

Sept. 29 Training and Goodwill Sail

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Volunteer Stephanie Ann Farra shares some beautiful photos she shot during our Sept. 29 goodwill sail.

Concerning the sail, we have to acknowledge an ‘unsung’ hero. Marcus Brandt and Marston Black-Simmons provided the following:

The Training and Goodwill sails last Sunday would have been forced to cancel if not for the behind-the-scenes efforts of Patrick Flynn and the Emergency Response Team.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Vandals slipped the stern lines off the pilings and set them adrift. Pete Bailey, our live-aboard, ever-vigilant shipmate spotted the problem and called the Emergency team. Patrick and Robin Schimp showed up at 2 am. They recovered one line and found that the other had been fouled on something in the water.

Much of Saturday was spent by Sean Null and Pete trying every trick in the book to free the line, but to no avail.

As the crew was gathering for the sail training Sunday morning, Patrick donned his wet suit and diving gear. After ten minutes in the chilly autumn water, Patrick surfaced to report that the line had wrapped around two blades of the propeller and around the hub as well….and was now freed and the prop clear.

An extra rum ration and the crew’s thanks is due to Patrick for his timely service … above and beyond the call. Make that a hot-rum!

The Sea Plays

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The Sea Plays feature some of Philadelphia's most respected actors including Keith Conallen, David Blatt, and Brian McCann.
The Sea Plays feature some of Philadelphia’s most respected actors including Keith Conallen, David Blatt, and Brian McCann.

The big news this month is getting Gazela ready for the theater or more appropriately getting her ready to be the theater. This summer, however, the performance will be below decks.

Gazela sets the stage for the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective’s production of Eugene O’Neill’s rarest and earliest plays of loneliness and regret, The Sea Plays: Bound East for Cardiff and In the Zone. Join the crew of the S.S. Glencairn below decks as tensions erupt and every move betrays a thirst for survival.

Presented in affiliation with the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival and directed by PAC Co-Founding Artistic Director, Damon Bonetti, The Sea Plays feature some of Philadelphia’s most respected actors including Keith Conallen, Brian McCann, and David Blatt, and showcases the work of photographer David Comdico as part of the PAC’s Resident Artist Program. Continued

More on Day Sails, Training and Tours

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In the upcoming weeks there will be some opportunities to crew while we move the ship as well as crewing on some daytime goodwill sails. Some of these sails will be in the afternoon, in which case there will be an opportunity for the crew to practice with a morning underway before taking the guests on board. If you haven’t sailed much, this is a great opportunity to learn line handling, hoisting sails, standing watch as helmsman, lookout, runner and boat-check.

Weekend Tours of Gazela

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From Lisa Kolibabek’s weekly newsletter update:

We are going to start giving tours of the ship on the weekends again…
…they also get people interested in the ship and what we do, while also possibly recruiting new members.

More details will be posted as available.
UPDATE 7/29: Public tours of Gazela will be available Saturdays and Sundays through the summer. Open times are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Be aware that ongoing maintenance work could cause unexpected closings.

Celebrating 42 Years of Gazela in Philadelphia

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In case you missed it, take a look at video of Monday’s “Gazela 42” fundraiser (July 8, 2013) at the Independence Seaport Museum, which celebrated 42 the years since the tall ship Gazela was brought over from Portugal. There was plenty of food, drink, camaraderie and even a few salty tales from the sea. We had a blast hearing tales about the eventful trip that brought Gazela to us in 1971, and more about the years since.

Gazela 42 Was a Big Success!

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There are a lot of thank you’s owed to a lot of people for making Gazela’s 42nd Anniversary fundraiser last night such a big success.

First thank you is to the great crowd of about 80 people who attended. Second thank you is to the 20+ donors of auction items. A big, big thank you to the crew who manned the event, both in the museum and aboard Gazela, and an extra big thank you to Linda Collier for her excellent party-planning and promotion of the event.

Our angel, Mary Smith, was there, and brought 10 of her family. She also made a generous donation. Part of what we celebrated was the feature of our book, The Heart of a Ship — Stories from the Crew of Gazela Primeiro in Yachting Magazine. The book’s publication was both inspired and underwritten by Mary several years ago. Thank you, Mary, for everything!

Kudos also to John Brady and his staff at the Independence Seaport Museum for donating the use of the William Wikoff Smith gallery.

Looking forward to next year, please save the date, July 8, 2014, for Gazela “43”. Anyone with suggestions about how we can improve on last night’s event, please shoot me an email.

We will be posting more pictures from the event, and a complete list of donors soon.

Fair Winds,

Eric Lorgus

Front Row Seats for Fireworks at Penn’s Landing

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A spectacular fireworks display will be launched from a barge in the middle of the Delaware River, just a few hundred yards from the deck of the historic tall ship, GAZELA PRIMEIRO. Avoid the crowds and watch the fireworks from GAZELA’s wide decks. Bring a picnic — we’ll provide the view! Purchase your tickets now for the July 6 show at 7 p.m.

Fireworks onboard Gazela Primeiro at Penn's Landing
Fireworks onboard Gazela Primeiro at Penn’s Landing


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