Winter Work Updates, Feb. 17th


Our first potluck of the year was a success!  If you missed out this time, don’t worry – potlucks will be held monthly through the spring.  Open to all volunteers and friends (sign up for our mailing list here to get updates on events or check our calendar here).  Come help out for the day and stay for good food, music and great company!









We don’t spend all of our time sitting on Poplar playing banjo – there’s work to do, too!  With the help of some of our Drexel volunteers, Chuck has been prepping new hull planks for Gazela’s port side.















There’s also plenty to do on all aspects of the rig.  We’re inspecting and tarring the standing rigging, servicing bottlescrews and blocks, and scraping spars.





Gazela Spotted in Drone Video of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

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A YouTube user uploaded an aerial video of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which includes views of the visiting Gazela from above! She can be seen on the left a few times in the first minute of the video. Also included are some good shots of the Argentine Navy ship Libertad, Baltimore’s own Constellation, as well as the other ships and sights of the harbor.

Interesting photo

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This past Sunday, Eric took a tour of the USS Somerset and snapped this interesting photo of Gazela with winter cover. The warship’s decks offer a vantage point of our barkentine that’s not normally possible. Moshulu and Olympia don’t look half bad in the background either.

Gazela as seen from Somerset, March 2. Photo: Eric Lorgus
Gazela as seen from Somerset, March 2. Photo: Eric Lorgus

Gazela on Film

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Janet Souza and Chuck Anastasio holding Gazela reel.
Janet Souza and Chuck Anastasio holding Gazela reel.

What do antique cars and Gazela have in common? Besides both needing tender loving care, a serendipitous meeting between Tony Souza and an antique car collector in NJ (Chuck Anastasio) led to the guild receiving three reels of 16 MM film from Gazela’s trips in 1984.

Chuck obtained the films when he bought a box of films on antique cars and the three reels of Gazela was in the box. Tony recognized that one scene looked a lot like the Canso Canal north of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia complete with a bagpiper and people in tartans.

Upon further research, Ann Preston and Eric Lorgus found out the ship went to Boston, Portsmouth, Halifax and Quebec City in 1984 with Captain Jay Bolton. In The Heart of a Ship, Nancy Linden and Jim Barry write about the trip. Thanks to Tony and Janet for acquiring the film.

Cooks and Office Helpers Needed

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Nothing provides a welcome break to a hard workday on the ships like a good hot lunch. We have been fortunate enough the past few weekends to have just that treat. Thanks to the cooks who have stepped up to help, Debbie Greenspan, Julie Baker, and Anna Frangiosa. If you have a desire to join this group, please contact us at

Mel Strieb is helping Ann Preston set up the office with some new software…thanks. Ann has requested some help with social media (Linked-in, Facebook, etc). If you can help and are interested please contact Ann at

Remember, the time you spend preparing meals at home to bring down and heat up counts as volunteer hours. So does time spent helping in the office.