Dory 29 shout-out

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Gina Pickton’s photo of Gazela’s racing dory crews made the internet pages of Duckworks Magazine. The July Splash section of the mag records launchings of new home-built boats. The magazine is for amateur boatbuilders of wooden boats. It contains much valuable info on boat building using modern methods. The organization also supplies boat making hardware. It supplied the oarlocks for the new dory which were funded by Eric Lorgus.

Dry docking plan gaining momentum

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Here’s the latest info from Eric to our newsletter subscribers about the upcoming dry docking:

Preparations are underway! The Marine Committee is busy interviewing candidates for Project Manager, and making plans for repairs to our barge, Poplar. Since the dry dock does not have sliding bilge blocks, several approaches to building side blocks for Gazela are being considered.

Volunteers Will Be Needed
The target date for entering dry dock is May 15th. We will need at least 10 line handlers on the day of entering the dock, and four “fish catchers” when the dock is pumped down. Any fish in the dry dock are netted and returned to the river before the dock is pumped dry.

Dry docking Gazela and Poplar

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Guild President Eric Lorgus announced long-awaited plans to get Gazela into dry dock for inspection and repairs:

I have great news. We finally have a dry dock for Gazela, and even better, it’s right here in Philadelphia. There will be room for Poplar, too.

Gazela at Caddell's Shipyard, Staten Island, in 1986
Gazela at Caddell’s Shipyard, Staten Island, in 1986

Sometime After May 1st
Rhoads Industries, the operators of Dry Dock #2 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, have offered to dry dock both Gazela and our work barge, Poplar, for two to four weeks, beginning any time after May 1st. There are still details to be worked out, so no exact start date has been set.This will be a short haul to perform inspection and maintenance on Gazela, as well as making repairs to the damaged and missing copper sheathing that was discovered two years ago during an underwater survey. It will also be used to plan the structural repair work needed for Gazela’s hull, the so-called Phase One and Two plan.

We have budgeted $11,000 for repairs and coatings for Poplar. We really don’t know how much work is needed since she has not been out of the water since 1992. Continued

Dory Update

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dory building
The frames, transom, transverse cleats and stem are epoxied to the bottom and the skeleton is ready for the hull planking. The long dark batten held on with clamps is a tick stick showing what will be the top line of the bottom-most plank (the garboard) with the plank widths marked off at each station.

The previously mentioned dory project is in full swing. Tony Souza and some volunteers are building two more and things are going well. If you can’t physically volunteer, donations are welcome.

Here is an update from Tony:

The first dory (of the two) has been framed and is ready for planking. The next phase of the dory project will be to size and plane the spruce from Nova Scotia to be used for planking.

Tentative arrangements have been made with Marcus to use the planer at his place. If other volunteers are available you would be welcome to join the ‘lift and push gang’. This will be done after Labor Day on a date convenient to Marcus.

Other tasks include cutting scarf joints on the 18mm plywood floor panels for the next dory; scrape around epoxy joints; fashion mast steps; scrounge pine for thwarts; scrounge white oak for gunwales and rail caps; scrounge money for oar locks; scrounge money for paint; scrounge money for glass cloth and epoxy.

See comment above about donations!!!

If any of the above are foreign terms to you…come on out and volunteer and become fluent in boat building terms.

—From Al Ponessa

KYW Talks About Upcoming Repairs

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Here’s a short overview of plans for short-term and long-term Gazela repairs. From KYW:

Philadelphia’s tall ship, Gazela, will be sailing up to Staten Island, NY next month for a short, two-week inspection haul.

But those responsible for maintaining the historic ship are also looking for a drydock to perform some longer-term maintenance.

Read the rest on their site…