Drexel Students End Their School Year with a Bang!

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Thanks to students from Drexel University fulfilling their civil engagement requirement by volunteering on Gazela, supplementing our complement of volunteers, we got a lot of good work done in the past few months, including shifting ballast for inspection of the members below, removing and stowing the winter cover, and getting a start on uprigging by using mechanical advantage (block and tackle) to get the main and mizzen booms and gaffs in place. To thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm, we invited them for a potluck that coincided with a fireworks display, and gave them all complimentary one-year memberships, since many were keen on coming back to volunteer over the summer break, or when they are back in school in the fall. We also received a Drexel flag, now flying on the mizzen truck, to showcase our appreciation of the hard work they put in these past few months.

PSPG Education Programs Seek Teachers and Students

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If you are a teacher or know a teacher, email learn@gazela.org or jtdtel@verizon.net for more info on our curriculum-based school-year programs. Programs are available for all ages and a variety of subject areas, with a multitude of STEM, STEAM, and NGSS-aligned options. We would love to bring our maritime education program to your classroom, or welcome your students aboard the ship!

Setting sail training class aboard Gazela!

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Lean all about setting sail aboard a tall ship! The volunteer crew of Gazela invite you to learn the arcane parts of sails, the ropes which control them, and the steps for setting and dousing the sails. Our instructor, Deb Peretz, learned these steps over 20 years ago and has since gone on to serve on other sailing ships and tugboats. She’ll provide handouts and personalized instruction to get you comfortable with pulling on ropes and working as a team. The last hour of class will consist of students responding to orders and setting and dousing at least four of the ship’s 16 sails.
Date: October 15, 9am-1pm
Location: Barkentine Gazela at Penn’s Landing
Admission is $60, which includes handouts, instruction, and tours
To purchase tickets, click here:  Sail Training Tickets
Please note that this is an outdoor event, so dress for the weather. If you have tender hands, you may choose to bring gloves. Gazela will not leave the dock for this class.

Gazela training sail on the Delaware River

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Gazela’s all-volunteer crew practiced their sailing skills on September 10 during a day sail on the Delaware River. The sail also provided an opportunity for invited guests, including students from the Public History Program at Temple University, to experience what it was like to sail a historic wooden tall ship.


Gazela leaves port for day sails in June

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Gazela left her home port at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia for two day sails on the Delaware River in June. The first sail, on June 10, served as training for our all-volunteer crew, who spent the afternoon setting and dousing sails, as well practicing man overboard and fire drills. On June 17, guests were invited on board to learn more about Gazela and the work of the Guild to preserve and maintain her.




Gazela sail training

Register Now: Spring 2016 Sail Training Classes

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line handling trainingFor those of you who are new to our little band of sailors and are looking forward to getting underway this season, we are offering sail training classes this spring.

The mandatory Level 1 class – Introduction to Gazela – will be offered four times on Sundays. All dates 10 am to 4 pm, aboard Gazela:

  • April 3
  • April 17
  • May 1
  • May 15

Please register for one of the classes at this link.

This class, provided at no cost only to active Guild members, covers a variety of basic topics ranging from knot tying, line handling, learning the ship, emergency stations and watchstanding roles. For new members, you will receive a copy of the Gazela crew manual, a log book, and a complimentary piece of rope for knot tying.

Interns wanted

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The Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild is currently seeking Vessel Preservation Interns
This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring professional mariners to acquire practical vessel repair and maintenance experience. Working in conjunction with PSPG’s shipwright and committed volunteer membership, interns learn a broad array of skills, from plank replacement and caulking, to welding and blacksmithing. Prior repair and maintenance experience is not required, though it is a plus.

Housing is provided aboard one of the Guild vessels, as is a weekly stipend. Interns also receive membership in the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild, and will be eligible to sail aboard Gazela during her 2015 sailing season. Positions are available immediately and running through March 2015, with a minimum time commitment of one month. The possibility exists to transition to a position during Gazela’s haulout in spring 2015.

Apply with resume and references to Patrick Flynn at office@gazela.org.

Upcoming overnight class

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Deb Peretz will be running an overnight class on Saturday October 25 into Sunday. Start time will likely be in the neighborhood of 7 p.m., with the main event starting around 8 p.m. Dinner will not be provided, though breakfast is planned. On Sunday the 26th, we will practice sail handing either at the dock or underway. We’ll try to get those folks who stayed over a nap during the day. The exercise underway depends on whether Gazela’s winter berth at the north end will be ready for her.

The weekends in November will be downrigging the rest of the ship and starting construction on the winter cover.

—From Ed, via PSPG Weekly Update
To learn more about our classes email Ed at volunteer@gazela.org


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Leslie teaches Ethan how to make a solid weld, Feb. 23, 2014.
Leslie teaches Ethan how to make a solid weld, Feb. 23, 2014.

Thanks to Leslie Weitz who is conducting small group welding training. As the weather improves and the cover comes off, we will be doing some more Level 1 training as well as some other training you have asked for and between the Marine Committee and the Education Program we will provide.

In the mill is shop training, specifically power tool safety. There was also First Aid/CPR training being offered at the Independence Seaport Museum on February 28. See the weekly newsletter for more details. We will try to repeat the sail handling training as well. As dates are firmed up, sign-ups will be sent out.

If anyone is interested, the annual Safety At Sea Seminar is being held at the US Naval Academy on March 28 and 29. It is an intense two day seminar. The cruising option is $225 for both days.

This seminar is sponsored by the Maryland Maritime Trades Association, U. S. Sailing and the USNA Sailing Squadron. For more information call (410) 269-0741 or visit the Safety At Sea Seminar website.

Sept. 29 Training and Goodwill Sail

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Volunteer Stephanie Ann Farra shares some beautiful photos she shot during our Sept. 29 goodwill sail.

Concerning the sail, we have to acknowledge an ‘unsung’ hero. Marcus Brandt and Marston Black-Simmons provided the following:

The Training and Goodwill sails last Sunday would have been forced to cancel if not for the behind-the-scenes efforts of Patrick Flynn and the Emergency Response Team.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Vandals slipped the stern lines off the pilings and set them adrift. Pete Bailey, our live-aboard, ever-vigilant shipmate spotted the problem and called the Emergency team. Patrick and Robin Schimp showed up at 2 am. They recovered one line and found that the other had been fouled on something in the water.

Much of Saturday was spent by Sean Null and Pete trying every trick in the book to free the line, but to no avail.

As the crew was gathering for the sail training Sunday morning, Patrick donned his wet suit and diving gear. After ten minutes in the chilly autumn water, Patrick surfaced to report that the line had wrapped around two blades of the propeller and around the hub as well….and was now freed and the prop clear.

An extra rum ration and the crew’s thanks is due to Patrick for his timely service … above and beyond the call. Make that a hot-rum!