More on Day Sails, Training and Tours

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In the upcoming weeks there will be some opportunities to crew while we move the ship as well as crewing on some daytime goodwill sails. Some of these sails will be in the afternoon, in which case there will be an opportunity for the crew to practice with a morning underway before taking the guests on board. If you haven’t sailed much, this is a great opportunity to learn line handling, hoisting sails, standing watch as helmsman, lookout, runner and boat-check.

Learning the Ropes

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Sunday’s sail handling class gave newer volunteers a solid overview of the system of lines and rigging that propel a square-rigged sailing vessel. Big thanks to our instructors Ed, Marcus, Rob, Whitney and Danie. Another class is expected to be held in a few weeks. Keep an eye on the newsletter for details.

Group photo bottom row: David S., Andy, Stephanie, Liam
Top: Danie, Rob, Nat, Whitney, Ed, Aaron, Ethan, Sabrina, David C., Marcus
(And Alan behind the camera.)