The Sea Plays

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The big news this month is getting Gazela ready for the theater or more appropriately getting her ready to be the theater. This summer, however, the performance will be below decks. Gazela sets the stage for the Philadelphia Artists’ Collective’s … Continued

Dory Update

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The previously mentioned dory project is in full swing. Tony Souza and some volunteers are building two more and things are going well. If you can’t physically volunteer, donations are welcome. Here is an update from Tony: The first dory … Continued

Learning the Ropes

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Sunday’s sail handling class gave newer volunteers a solid overview of the system of lines and rigging that propel a square-rigged sailing vessel. Big thanks to our instructors Ed, Marcus, Rob, Whitney and Danie. Another class is expected to be … Continued

Sailing in September and October

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We will be having Goodwill sails Saturday, September 14 and Sunday the 29th. Also on Friday October 11 as part of the Old City Seaport Festival 2013 Parade of Sail. Stand by for more information.

Weekend Tours of Gazela

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From Lisa Kolibabek’s weekly newsletter update: We are going to start giving tours of the ship on the weekends again… …they also get people interested in the ship and what we do, while also possibly recruiting new members. More details … Continued

July news

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Al Ponessa included a great video link in his newsletter last night showing news footage of Gazela at Schaefer’s Canal House on the return trip from Norfolk in June. Lots of other newsworthy developments as well. More good reasons to … Continued

KYW Talks About Upcoming Repairs

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Here’s a short overview of plans for short-term and long-term Gazela repairs. From KYW: Philadelphia’s tall ship, Gazela, will be sailing up to Staten Island, NY next month for a short, two-week inspection haul. But those responsible for maintaining the historic … Continued

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