Crews are made up of all kinds of people: students, artists, engineers, teachers, lawyers, of all different ages and from different places. They all share a common interest in sailing and preserving their vessels’ maritime history. Must be 16 years old minimum, or 14 with a parent’s participation.

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What will I do while sailing?

Crew members stand regular watches, usually four hours on and eight off. While on watch you will rotate through lookout, runner/reporter, boat check, helm, and radio or utility positions. As a regular deckhand you will set and strike sail, climb the rigging (optional), scrub down the deck and below decks, polish brass, participate in emergency drills, wash dishes, and cook or help in the galley.

As on most ships, sleeping accommodations are tightly packed and privacy and personal storage space are minimal. Smoking is permitted on deck only. The crew quickly becomes a close-knit family that works well together in all situations, especially in case of bad weather or emergencies.

Volunteer opportunities


PSPG is looking for volunteers interested in helping restore and preserve the 1883 barkentine Gazela and the tug Jupiter. Previous experience in these fields is preferred but not necessary.

  • Jupiter – mechanical restoration, painting, and maintenance of all ship’s systems.
  • Gazela – Painting, woodwork, restoration and preservation.
  • Exhibits – Carpentry, new exhibit construction.
  • Deck Hands, pulling on lines, hauling equipment, learning traditional maritime skills.
  • Climbers on Gazela must have a climbing harness and be trained by the climbing crew.
  • Although prior experience is not necessary, anyone with previous library, archives or museum on any level is especially encouraged to volunteer.
  • Cataloging – Data entry, create or update inventories, help organize library, archival or artifact collections.
  • Reference files – Find and file articles on a variety of maritime history subjects.
  • Create and compile articles, pictures, into notebook form for storage.
  • School Program Assistant – Assist the PSPG Educator with school groups by leading students through the ships, assisting with hands-on activities during school visits, and help with outreach programs to local schools.
  • Curriculum Development – work with education group to review and rewrite curriculum.
  • Docents – Interpret exhibits to groups of all ages dockside during the weekends or open ship.
Office / Clerical
  • Data Entry – Enter names, addresses, and phone numbers into a computer.
  • Filing – Organize letters, etc. into files.
  • Bulk Mailings – Stuff, seal, and label envelopes.
  • Data Collection – Organize and collate surveys and other information in readable format for review.
  • Phone – Call members during fund and membership drives.
  • Personal – Meet with potential donors for fund-raising campaigns.
Public Relations
  • Distribute materials for each event.
  • Call media.
  • Design and execute written materials for ship and events.
  • Contact groups that may be interested in utilizing ship for events.
  • Light Gallery and Head Cleaning – Clean, sweep, restock and other cleaning duties.
  • General – report to ship foremen on weekends to be assigned work that is necessary for ship’s upkeep.
  • Cooks are always needed and welcomed on Saturdays during the dockside season. Training is available, if needed on the operaion of the ships cooking equipment.
  • Cooks are also needed for ship’s trips, provisioning and menu planning help is available.
Special Events
  • Open Ship – conduct tours of ships and interpret historical materials.
  • Receptions – “man” an assigned station to provide safety and information to participants.
  • Festivals – help with open ships and educational tours in “away” ports thus relieving the sailing crew from this duty and helping to provide needed coverage for safety Join us for an unforgettable experience.

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