The Heart of a Ship: Stories from the Crew of Gazela Primeiro
The Heart of a Ship: Stories from the Crew of Gazela Primeiro

This is the story of Gazela and those who have sailed her, thanks to Mary Smith.

Feel free to check out a few excerpts.

At an annual guild dinner a few years ago, Naomi Kaminsky was telling Mary that although we give Gazela’s history a lot of attention, what she found most interesting was how Gazela has affected so many lives of those who have toiled and sailed on her. Mary agreed and challenged Naomi to write a book about it. To back it up, Mary said she would pay to have the book produced.

Well, it wasn’t easy, but Mary’s challenge has been met. Thanks to 40+ past and present shipmates who contributed stories, and Donald Little and Naomi Kaminsky who collected and edited the stories, we now have a wonderful 140 page book. Mary provided the shipboard diary that her late husband, William Wikoff Smith, kept during Gazela’s crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 1971. Three other shipmates from that historic voyage also contributed stories.

Feel free to add your thoughts to the comment section below. If we get enough new stories to fill a second book, we will certainly try to get a follow-up book printed.

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