How would you like to join the crew of our 177-foot square-rigged ship? Our volunteer crew members are responsible for operation and upkeep of Gazela and Jupiter. This includes standing watch, sail handling and taking the helm on trips to various ports.

It’s not all sun and waves though; you will need to work. A minimum of 50 hours of volunteer time is required to be a part of the sailing crew each year. No experience is necessary. We are a helpful, fun-loving group and you will likely learn new skills you never imagined. Past trips have ranged from Newfoundland to New Orleans and points in between.

First, give it a try

Come visit us at Penn’s Landing to volunteer. You’ll find Gazela, it’s kind of hard to miss. Saturdays around 9 a.m. are usually a good time, but you may want to call ahead to confirm the ship is in port. When you come, just ask for the foreman and we’ll put you to work. Also ask for the sign-in book. You’ll want to record your hours to be eligible to sail. Don’t wear anything too precious, it may get ruined. Our cooks prepare a tasty meal for volunteers on Saturdays. We just ask you to kick in $3.

Still having fun?

If you think you want to come back, we encourage you to join the Guild. This isn’t necessary for volunteering, but you do need to join and pay your yearly dues if you want to be part of the sailing crew. Members also get to park at the adjacent lot for $5. You really ought to sign up for our newsletter too. This is best way to learn about our schedule and events.

Ready to sail?

Ok, so you’ve paid your dues, you are on track to complete your 50 hours, and you’ve signed up to sail. Just a few more things:

  • Attend our Level 1 sailing class. It’s free!
  • Have your doctor certify that you are in good health. Forms are available on Gazela.
  • Purchase a crew shirt ($25) through our office.
  • We advise you buy some helpful gear. Climbing the rigging (optional) will also require safety gear. Further guidance will be provided during classes.
  • Finally, we ask that you respect the safety and well-being of your fellow crew members at all times.

Remember, we have no passengers, only crew members. So a willingness and ability to participate in maintenance and operation of the ships is necessary at all times. Hope to see you soon!